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Is Christmas Eve is the most romantic day to propose?

A recent survey of 10,000 people conducted by event organisers ChilliSauce shows that 31 per cent of people think that Christmas Eve is the most romantic day of the year to propose, followed by News Year’s Eve, that’s preferred by 19 per cent.

These figures chime with the surge in matchmaking businesses experienced in the months leading up to the holiday season. Psychologist and global director of elite matchmaking agency Berkeley International Mairead Molloy (http://www.berkeley-international.com/) explains why Christmas is an important time in the dating calendar.

Mairead Molloy says, “There is no escaping the fact that Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year. When the temperature begins to drop into the minuses there is nothing better than spending a night in the company of someone you love. You can’t ignore that the festive season is special.

“As well as more people becoming engaged, a Facebook study* revealed more new relationships appear between November and March. December 24 sees 28% more new relationships than breakups whereas December 25 sees an increase to 34%.”

Mairead continues, “What’s fascinating is that all these figures chime with our matchmaking enquiries pre- and post-Christmas. We see member applications rise by 55% in December compared to a typical month. We then see a further rise of 65% in January, which is our busiest time of the year.

“A relationship should be a carefully thought out decision. If you are looking for something long-term then step away from the dating apps and don’t rush. You should take time to get to know someone. You won’t be able to know someone’s true personality with a seasonal fling. If Christmas is traditional, then why not dating?

“The discretion we provide at Berkeley International makes dating feel intimate, special and old-fashioned in a positive way. We take care to bring people together whose outlooks are compatible. We always make sure that our members are using our services for the right reasons and will meet someone who is like-minded.

“Unlike dating apps, all of our client activity is totally offline. Our website is simply a brochure. We introduce members to each other based on their personalities and values through written profiles. People who come to us are looking for a long-term relationship and a healthier love life.”

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